Hida Beef at Le Midi Restaurant Takayama French Bistro

Hida Beef at Le Midi French Bistro
Once every 5 years, there is a national competition to select the best premium beef produced in Japan.
You may have heard of Kobe beef which is one of the regional types of beef that has won the competition in the past and is recognized around the world as high end Japanese beef.
Although lesser known internationally, Hida beef which is produced in the Hida region also won the competition and took the top prize as Japans top quality beef.
It is a “must try” regional food when you are in the Takayama area.
There are various ways to enjoy Hida Beef in Takayama.

Chef Tagami Katsunori of Le Midi Restaurant serves various dishes using Hida Beef.
Le Midi is a French Bistro themed fine dining establishment.

Please check the Le Midi website for hours of operation and the current menu with pricing.

Le Midi Official Restaurant Website

Le Midi Restaurant is only about 8 minutes away from the Zenkoji Temple Hostel.


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