Tourists blog about their trip to Takayama, stay at Takayama Zenkoji Hostel, visit to Hida No Sato Folk Museum and the Shin Hotaka Ropeway. Looked like they were adventurous and decided to trek down the mountain to Komikochi…


We are back! We successfully climbed giant mountains with no permanent injuries. This trip went as great as I possibly could’ve hoped.


Left Kanazawa at 7:09-ish, bound for Takayama, a famous little touristy mountain town about an hour or so from the alps.

This was the best train ride I’ve been on yet. Into Gifu prefecture the landscape just becomes amazing.

We spent all day Saturday wandering around Takayama, especially roaming around the morning/afternoon markets where they were selling all kinds of souvenirs and food.

After a while Leah & I decided to give in and try to local specialty – a some kind of skewered & roasted fish. The entire fish is just run through, head to tail, with a skewer (my guess is while it’s still alive – if you could have seen its face, you’d probably see why).

It was actually pretty delicious. Probably the best…

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