An excellent photo collection from a recent tourist who visited the Hida no Sato Folk Village and the Hida-Takayama Teddy Bear Eco Village.

It’s a little far by foot from the Takayama Hostel Zenkoji, so it may be best to walk to the train station and catch a bus or taxi that heads out to the Folk Village.

life to reset

Golden week is one of the most awaited national holiday in Japan. A week, where several consecutive holidays are scheduled to take place and with only two working days in between. For most working men and women, this is the perfect opportunity to dust off those luggages and cross another country on the travel list.

Though, I have intended to  visit either Seoul or Taipei, I need to revise my plan mainly for two reasons: 1) My boss and his persistent approving/disapproving of vacation leave,  2) the airfare price is ridiculously expensive, as if these airlines are basking on the need for people to travel overseas

So I decided to stay put instead, find a place in Japan where I can have the relaxation that I was looking for, somewhere to hide behind the mountains and farm houses. Some place that reminded me of my country during those long summer…

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