Takayama Spring Festival

Excellent tourist blog and photo collection showing the Spring Takayama Festival, Floats, and activities.

Michael Joseph Traves

A 7am departure from Kanazawa and I was on my way to Takayama to attend the Sanno Matsuri (Takayama Spring Festival), one of the most popular festivals in Japan, with accommodations typically booked up a year in advance.  This year was no exception, however with the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear worries many people had cancelled their trips to the area.  After initially being told that the festival had been cancelled (like many had been), I was happy to find out it was still occurring and lucky enough to find a room at a local ryokan which presumably had been freed up by a cancellation.

Having been to Takayama on my first trip to Japan, I knew my way around.  On my previous stay I had enjoyed sampling the sake’s in the old part of town and intended to do the same again, however the balance of my stay would be…

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